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Stock Signals

🔥 Stock Signals Generate By AI

This is the time to become a consistent trader.

5 Months Profit in a Row! Not a single Red Month

Kairi Bull has a system of signals generated by artificial intelligence that in the last 5 months has a win ratio of around 60%.

Average return per trade is 0.6%. Risk is also reduced being only 2% maximum per trade and without any leverage.

You can see the monthly returns and all the signal history by clicking here.

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Finantial Data

Filter Data Fast and Find Trading Opportunities

Time is money.

It's time to optimize your trading. With Kairi Bull you can filter stocks, cryptocurrencies or forex pairs in seconds with a few clicks.

We have available more than 30 indicators that allow you to filter results. For example you can filter stocks that:

  1. Had a volume greater than the average
  2. Filter those that closed positive
  3. As the price is above the moving average 200
  4. And finally those where the RSI is less than 30

With more than 30 indicators the combinations you can make are practically unlimited.

You will be able to compare indicators, make comparisons with numerical values and order the information as you wish.

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Crypto Trading

Filtered Strategies Data

Kairi Bull automatically filters results for 9 different "strategies". Results are filtered for stocks, forex and crypto.

You can find with a single click:

  1. Donchian Channel Breakouts
  2. Assets that have a high or low Kairi Relative Index
  3. Moving Average Crossovers
  4. Assets with high or low RSI
  5. Assets with William %R high or low
  6. Assets with better performance filtered by time
  7. Assets with worst performance filtered by time
  8. Engulfing candles
  9. Last year's maximum and minimum breaks

To learn more about these filters click below.

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